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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

Getting Frank, help me pay for this great Live365 music show. Click on this info and it will link you to sign up page and sign up as a preferred member....THANK YOU

I just saw your post at the Grit web site. Always good to hear from you!
I tried your web address but didn't have success with that for some reason, but I did find your programming schedule for the internet radio station. I will definately be checking that out.
Yes, hope you can make it down again. We won't be there NEXT friday, but will be there the 13th.
Thanks, and see you soon.
Dave Bunch

I tried out the stations that won the contest. Your station is really
like a fresh breeze!

I just started a station 2 months ago we are total different in our
choices of music. However for me counts only one thing, music must
touch the heart. That's why I like your music choice. Wonderfull!!

I put you on my presets (I am a VIP member)

Keep on going!!


Internetstreaming radio:

What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts and passions with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas.
On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received in my Guestbook and via e-mail. In some cases, I may also respond to the comments. Please get in touch!
Please send your website address.
Great show. I've been listening whenever I
pass through southern Iowa on my way to or from my family in Illinois. I'm
working for Sprint in Gardner, Kansas. I don't suppose you do a Net
broadcast do you?

Thanks in advance,

Jim Koch
Spring Hill, KS 66083

Could we get the web site address for KIIC?
Also, wanted to say we enjoy the bluegrass music on Sundays. Our favorites are the Vern Young Band and also Bill Grant and Delia Bell.
Russ Byers
Des Moines, IA
I thoroughly enjoy your old time country unplugged program but why did you change to Saturday morning?  I used to listen to the Fort Dodge station on Saturday morning and you on Sunday afternoon.  Now you are both on at the same time.
There is so little of this kind of music on radio that it is a shame it must be at the same time.
Is there any way you could change the time from Saturday morning?
Thank you.
Hi there Uncle Billy,
This is Sharon Kenaston of the Kenaston Family Band.  Hope all is well with you.  All the family is doing well and getting geared up for a busy summer of festivals around the area.
I hear from a friend of ours that you're playing some cuts off our CD now and then.  Thanks so much we really appreciate it.
If you get an opportunity to tell your listeners about our show coming up in a couple of weeks that would be wonderful.
It's the Wahoo Country Music Show, June 26, 27, 28 & 29 at the fairgrounds in Wahoo.  This year we'll have Claude Gray on Thursday night doing a special free performance.  We'll have over 150 other musicians in an open stage format and of course two big dances Friday and Saturday night.
We'd love to have you come to the show.  Let me know if you're able to attend and I'll get some passes sent your way.
We appreciate any promotion you can give our family and the Wahoo Country Music Show.
If we don't see you before, we'll see you in Missouri Valley this fall.
Take care and thanks again for playing our music.
Sharon, Roger, Bob and Vanessa Kenaston
402-663-4620 Sharon Home
402-443-8367 Sharon Cell
The Stratford Fest is July 11, 12, & 13th with Frank Ray as the obvious headliner. This is the same weekend as Kalona, but with Cedar Hill Stratford get the nod for me. This weekend of course is the Sally Mt. Fest at Queen City, Mo. the home of Ronda Vincent. She will be there on the 5th, and this should be one of the great ones of the year. Cheers - Jim Rose - Jefferson, Iowa.

I just stumbled onto something I thought I might pass along. Rhonda Vincent and The Rage are preforming at the Iowa State Fair this year on August 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. The concert is free with a gate admission. If my information is correct, that's $4 with a discount coupon from Hy-Vee. I didn't notice any other Bluegrass acts but it was nice to see Bluegrass in the line up. Maybe a GPBOTMA bus is in order....................hmmmmm. Cheers, Matt Allen

My name is Ray Bozarth.

I am opening a new music store in Glenwood, Iowa and
am specifically trying to cater to the needs of
acoustic musicians. Unfortunately, the shop will not
be in the phone book for a year since I missed the
cut-off date for a new listing. Bob Everhart from the
Missouri Valley Festival has told me that acoustic
musicians are badly neglected in the Omaha area, and I
hope to address that.

Anyway, I need to get the name out to folks and let
them know what I'm doing here. I'm carrying brands
that are not available in the Omaha area. Washburn,
Gretsch, National Reso-Phonic, Paul Beard Resonator,
Deering Banjo and CA Guitars. I am also carrying CD's
and plan on carrying a lot of Rounder label stuff. I
will be limping the store open without being fully
stocked because of the RAGBRAI - I can't miss that
opportunity to get the name out. I will be very happy
to take special orders at the store.

The store is:
Glenwood Guitars & Music
108 N. Locust Street
Glenwood, Iowa 51534
Fax 712-527-4222

I would appreciate any advice from you on how to
spread the word among the folk/traditional/acoustic
people that I will be open by 7/16/03 and am looking
forward to supporting them.

Hi Billy! I heard the song "Past Your Prime" today, but not the name of the band. Hop you can fill me in. I'd also like to hear some Frank Ray & Cedar Hill off the new album if you can. Love the show, and wish it was all day! Thanks - Jim Rose


I was glad to hear that the name of the band was Clay County because when I heard the song title I had a brain flash that said "The name of your new band is Pasture Prime"  Then I thought "Damn, maybe that was the name of the band on the radio" Anyway after I got done talking to myself I decided to do the smart thing and ask. Thanks for the info - Jim Rose - leader of the new bluegrass band "Pasture Prime" (unless someone else beat me to it)

Ray Bozarth
Glenwood Guitars & Music

This in from Hal Cottrell "Golden Harvest"


me again. To have a breakfast with my sweet on sundaymorning and your
station in the background......artists like Randy Kohrs and Mo Canada.
I have never heard of them, but how really excellent they are!!

Unclebillydunbar you really made my day!!

regards from  (cold) Holland

Thanks, Billy!  Not only is it a great honor to get the award but
through Prime Cuts we're able to work with such nice people like you!

~Kirk & Becky

Listening in the UK.Great selection.My favourite older performer is the late Jimmie Driftwood.
One thing.When you talk your far to close to the mic,voice is to loud & distorted.
Regards Bob

Hi Billy ~ Warm greetings from Orkney.  Hope you are well and happy and
enjoying the early days of  Fall?  It would be great to hear your news if
you get the time.
I am still in the ancient world of Pomona so I thought you might like to
read the second installment of my adventures here...

I came home long before dusk tonight silently in my milkfloat.  Floating
under clear azure skies, trundeling down empty roads past golden seas of
Barley, Bere and bursting Oats.  The grain has been drying to it's nutty
finale - soon to be bread baking in the falls peat fired ovens - the
abundant fruit of this wonderful Indian summer.   Their heads bow more
deeply with the passing of every sunny day.   It was hard not to sigh
contentedly as the hot afternoon sun warmed me in my electric vehicle.
I floated past rabbits playing amongst the heather and onion grass - hardly
realising I was their, no explosions of combustion to disturb their fun.  I
watched Starlings ride the backs of shaggy sheep and cows.  Blackbirds
gobbling up Crane flies.  I could see Geese flying overhead,  honking
excitedly at all the patchwork fields of abundance - soon to be theirs -
the spoils of our Combines great paddle (John Deer, circa 1970) as it
sythes through seas of gold.
I parked up and watched a deep sea trawler in the bay - its engines
thrumming - as it's crew worked on deck,  I waved to them unsure if they
would see me or not, but why not.
Paradise indeed.
How could it get better?  Strangely in this ancient place sits all the
modern artifice of our so-called civilization - the toys of man - computers
and TVs, satellite dishes bolted to stone croft houses and tall aerials
trying to catch the elusive signals of some far away metropolis...  It
might as well be Mars they are so out of place.
Free-to-air TV, or council TV as some of us call it, is not easy to pick up
here.  It's signals seem to be broadcast through some force field which
renders it's images into snow and tiny excited coloured dots - like some
weird electrical swarm... Not a place to watch soccer or Tennis (go Serena)
- you never see the ball...  My televisual feasting was either ' Nip and
Tuck'(plastic surgery seemed slightly redundant - although necessary if my
shaving mirror was accurate this morning), ' Sex in the City' or a stroll
outside into pitch black to stare at the Cosmos...  No contest really (as
much as I love Carey and her friends and sex in the city).
Looking up into the night was the most breath taking view of our Galaxy - a
curtain of stars the like of which we never see in our well lit towns and
urban sprawl.  It was natures Christmas lights - Hong Kong and Broadway all
rolled into one.  Stars like dust, stars so bright and so big it is hard to
comprehend.  Hard to take in this spectacular light show... Like gazing
into some alien city - or the Universal mind.   It is like I am wrapped in
them - their tendrils spread out as far as my eyes could see.  Then, as if
to acknowledge me and my choice of channels - the only person outside on
this tiny island - a comet flashed high amongst these heavenly bodies...  I
felt like a true Cosmopolitan.
I could hear Carey and her friends deep in animated conversation, drifting
through the window... Calling me back to earth... I guess it was time to go
in and draw a bath - heated by my wonderful summers day... A perfect end. A
good book (Dan Browns follow up to the Da Vinci Code) and some essential
oils.... Bliss.
I wonder what tomorrow brings...
(PS: Please use to reply to this email - thanks)
Please let me know if you would like some giveaway or pledge copies of

Hi sir Billie,
Thought I would bring you up to speed on my little corner of the Bluegrass World. I've started a program called Bluegrass Saturday's, booked the Indianola High School auditorium for 5 Saturdays. Shows will start @ 7:00, $10.00 per ticket, $45.00 for a season pass.
October 16th - Highway Home and TBA Bluegrass   (TBA includes Dave Bunch, a very high ender group)
November 20th - Corder Family Bluegrass and the Waring Family
March 19th - (no opener yet) plus Bluegrass Addiction
April 16th - (no opener yet) and the Mike and Amy Finders Band
May 7th - Sleepy Hollow and Mr. Babers Neighbors
the two without openers should be confirmed in the next couple of days
So, if you can give us a honk on any of your radio shows it would be greatly appreciated.
Ticket info @ (515) 975-0409 or send checks with selections to:
Bluegrass Saturdays c/o Jim Johnson
9912 G24 Highway
Indianola, IA  50125

 Thank you Billy!  It was an unforgettable evening to say the least.

Warm regards,

Quoting SIRIUS <>:

> Channel : Bluegrass, 37
> Name : Uncle Billy Dunbar
> Email :
> On-air Host : Terry Herd
> Message : Congra's from fellow Bluegrass programmer. Country Unplugged aired
> on KKRF/KGRA K107/KG98 and salutes you for your Awards at this
> years IBMA Awards.


me again. To have a breakfast with my sweet on sundaymorning and your
station in the background......artists like Randy Kohrs and Mo Canada.
I have never heard of them, but how really excellent they are!!

Unclebillydunbar you really made my day!!

regards from  (cold) Holland

Thanks for your help.  It Live 365 works fine now.  Also, great show this morning . . . K-107.9 comes in loud and clear in St. Charles.  Now all you need to do is to have the station let you broadcast Sunday Morning Gospel and County Unplugged back-to-back.
Great Randy Kohrs performance is Truro last night.  You were probably there.
If you have a mailing list for people who are interested in events in the area, please put me on it!
Thanks again,
John McDonald

Hal sent a  great note  about    Larry Sparks'       induction  into 
Bill Monroe  Hall of Fame.
Larry  is  like   one  of the most  awesome branches  off the bluegrass
tree   I  have  seen.

Remember  when?
- the bluegrass  club  ,  along  with:  (Jerry Jones,  Steve Acksmit, 
Lois Rood )   brought  Larry  Sparks  into  CB   town... approx. 1987?

We  booked him  on the second floor  of some old  bar  or  restaurant..
  on  old Broadway  in Council Bluffs.
The  show  was to start   at  7PM  or  so,
Then,  at  about  4pm  or  so, there  was a  big  tornado  that  came 
up  I-29,   then knocked  'most'    the  power  out   in Council
Bluffs,  knocked  large trees  down  right
across from the  concert.

Larry  came   driving  up  with  his  bus  just  after the  tornado... 
ready  to play.
  All the  people had  already  shown  up.. we  had  pretty much a  full
house    of  bluegrass enthusiasts   ,  PA  was  set  up........... and
  no  power.

Jerry Jones  ran  up  to  K-Mart   and  bought  several  candles.    
Larry  and  the Lonesome  Ramblers  played  on   with no electricity
.....  with only     'candle light'.

I  had a  chat  with Barry  Crabtree   a couple  years  ago...  (he
played banjo  with  Larry  for 11  years)  .    We  saw  Barry  in
Lincoln  when  was  playing  with  Hal   (filling  in  for  when Barney
  had  his   appendacitas)  at  Ne. state fair.     He  re-called in
detail  the  experience  of  being  pulled of the interstate  and 
looking  out the truck stop  window   as the  tornado  came  through.  
He  never  saw a  tornado.

Anyway  Larry  Sparks  is  about a  household  name  in  the  jam 
sessions  I get into.
At Mo. Valley,  I  heard    Ron Adkins   and  even  Ernie  Ruth  really
  cranking  out  some  awesome   Sparks'  songs.   I know  Joe  Watson
   cranks  out  some  good  Larry  songs  also.

His  new   CD  must be a  killer  with  all  those  bluegrass  stars 
backing him up.
Congrats  to Larry.

When  is the  first  club meeting?